Monday, August 24, 2020

It all started with a butterfly in China!


In a 1990 movie, Havana, Robert Redford tells his costar Lena Olin, “a butterfly can flutter its wings over a flower in China and cause a hurricane in the Caribbean.”

Redford, acting as a gambler with a flair for math, was echoing the words of Edward Lorenz, a meteorology professor at MIT back in 1972. Lorenz had learned that a minor error in a computer program could lead to extraordinary changes in results.

Lorenz’s computer model was based on 12 variables, including temperature and wind speed, which he had entered into a computer program simulating weather patterns. One day he was repeating a simulation he’d run earlier; but after rounding off one variable from 0.506127 to 0.506. He was astounded to find that this tiny change transformed the entire pattern of two months of simulated weather that his program produced.

No, we are not saying you must track butterflies all over the world. But you do need to track what is happening in the world around you to see how it might lead to a crisis for your business – or a great opportunity!

We keep telling our friends about this big Indian chemical company. The marketing managers had completely missed the news of an explosion in a Japanese chemical plant that made one of the chemicals the Indian company also made and sold in India and elsewhere in Asia. Fortunately for them, they had subscribed to Informachine, our news tracking system. And a couple of days after the event, they saw the reference to the explosion on Informachine. They saw the opportunity, and quickly got their plant to ramp up production, and managed to increase their own sales very quickly.

What is Informachine?

Informachine is a web-based business intelligence and knowledge management system that finds, tracks, downloads and lets you share relevant news on the internet, saving hours of managerial time.

You can leave it to Informachine

You don't even have to be there! Informachine will check out all the websites you wish checked while you go attend a meeting or take a holiday!

On your return, just log in to Informachine – and all the latest reports on the sites you want tracked will be listed on-screen at the press of a key.

And, to make sure that you get the flexibility you need, you can change the desired list of websites absolutely any time you want.

What’s more:

You can share relevant news with colleagues, and save hours of managerial time and resources. And have online chats around the news.

Informachine tags the information so you can find what you need instantly – even months later!

And, if you want, you can attach your own personal tags to links (e.g., ‘material for next Monday’s conference’), depending on your personal needs.

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