Wednesday, August 26, 2020

What? Out? For fruits and vegetables? For information? Is he nuts!


No, we are sure he is not nuts. We are sure he usually searches for stuff online, and usually finds what he gets.

So, what’s wrong with that?

Nothing wrong. Except that he could save a heck of a lot of time if he got what he wanted served to him without his lifting a finger!

“And how can he do that?” you may ask.

Simple. Use Informachine.

You can use Informachine. Informachine is a web-based business intelligence and knowledge management system that finds, tracks, downloads and lets you share relevant news on the internet, saving hours of managerial time.

Leave it to Informachine

You don't even have to be there! Informachine will check out all the websites you wish checked while you go attend a meeting or take a holiday!

On your return, just log in to Informachine – and all the latest reports on the sites you want tracked will be listed on-screen at the press of a key.

What’s more, Informachine tags the information so you can find what you need instantly – even months later, with the click on a tag!

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