Tuesday, February 4, 2020

How Informachine brought new business!

The chemicals division of one of the biggest business groups in India had subscribed to Informachine, our information acquisition and management system. They used it for their marketing team whose members were located in three countries, in India, Indonesia and Thailand, and who traveled to other parts of the world for their sales and follow-up meetings.

Have you heard of the question, ‘If a tree falls in a forest, and if you don’t see or hear it fall, has it really fallen?’

Business is like that. If you do not see that there is a business opportunity somewhere, the business doesn’t happen! Like the falling tree in the forest.

Well, in the chemicals division marketing department case, they had completely missed the news about an explosion in a chemicals plant in Japan that had gutted it and brought production to a complete halt.

A few days later one member of the team was accessing Informachine to find relevant news, and lo! There was this news about the explosion in the Japanese chemicals plant.

He immediately alerted the others, they exchanged notes about their own plant capacities, logistics issues, and so on, and concluded that they could and should get their company to increase production of the chemical which the Japanese company used to make and the Indian company also made.

They quickly contacted users of that chemical – and substantial sales orders were finalized.
Ensure that you keep pace with information on websites of news media, associations, rivals, suppliers, etc. with Informachine.

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