Tuesday, February 4, 2020

You can stop trying to remember things – because Organyze won’t let you forget anything!

By Rajiv Shankar
By Rajiv Shankar, Executive Editor, domain-b.com
Useful package! Congratulations! I found one important benefit you have not mentioned in your literature. I have tens of thousands of files in my machine, which I have created or downloaded in the past 6-7 years.

Like many other people, I need to go back to some old file. I have to stretch my memory to try and remember which file I should seek. Most of the time, earlier, I couldn’t remember most of the files I should have checked out. It’s impossible to remember everything.

Now, with Organyze, I don’t even have to try and remember; yet I get everything I could possibly need. The answer is simple. Soon after I started using Organyze, I went back and labeled many of the older files in my machine which I thought were important. Now I just select the label or labels, and, presto! I get a file list on my screen, including some files that are important but I’d forgotten were there.

I’m getting more value for money from the effort I put in over the years to create or download those files! I’m working better, faster.

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